Thiết kế 3D
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Thiết kế 3D

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 Download các tệp ví dụ của Inventor

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các bạn nhấn vào ảnh để tải tệp ví dụ về nha.
A skeletal framework example using derived parts, 1.2 Meg download. The placement of the front set of mounts  can be changed in two angles.  It is easy to break and also easy to repair.  All parts are controlled by a single part consisting of sketches and exported dimensions.
wpe8.jpg (4892 bytes)
wpe1.jpg (8639 bytes)
in process, Rx7 engine + mount & prop (not air worthy). 3.7Meg
FauncS403i Robot from Sean Dotson 4 Megabytes
wpe1.jpg (5335 bytes)
ABB IRB 6400 Robot, (4 Meg), Spread Sheet driven.  Submitted by Andrew Pawelski
wpe1.jpg (5296 bytes)
CAMCO 4 Position Rotary indexer(1.1Meg).  Submitted by Billy Young
wpe8.jpg (5750 bytes)
Another example of Skeletal framwork. (1.9 Meg). It uses a base skeleton which contains all the geometric relationships and sizing. This is derived into the hex and pentagons which are finally assembled to form the ball.
SoccerBallSmall.jpg (28390 bytes)
Dial Indicator, no particular brand, about 2" Diameter by CBliss
wpe1.jpg (4969 bytes)

Dial Indicator, Both hands move.  Open and move the end of part marker on all parts before opening the assembly. (1.6 Meg), by Dan Igrin.

Depending on the position of spindle (function “Mate_VAR”), both of its arrows can Point to the corresponding digit-indicator. This model can exist in a state of free motion by suppressing function “Mate_Var” for the spindle.

wpe1.jpg (5116 bytes)

BobCat Skid Steer, 2.9 Meg Download,  This was sent by Vincent Moleno who is currently working on a new product (not shown) and is looking for investors.  The invention he is working on is ".. a land clearing device that will one day make bulldozers and excavators obsolete for that purpose ”

Email Vincent Moleno if interested.

wpe1.jpg (5471 bytes)
Rear wheel for Motor Cycle less the Firestone logo. 1.4 Meg Download
wpe8.jpg (10884 bytes)
Model Mania part
wpe8.jpg (5578 bytes)
International Inventor Challenge (my entry) click for larger image or here for the model
The rendering was done with Presenter3D
wpe1.jpg (6470 bytes)


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Download các tệp ví dụ của Inventor
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